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Once I was out of the house at the beginning of my big day everything happened so quickly. I had everything planned out as precisely as possible but I left time between all major parts...
It was the first time I had ever been to the city. I was there alone on a day that was meant to be for school. My parents would kill me if they ever found...
There are many types of art. Let’s start with the obvious. Many paintings exist in museums & galleries all across the work. There are sketches, drawings, abstracts & many more type of art hanging up...


Once I was out of the house at the beginning of my big day everything happened so quickly. I had everything planned out as precisely as possible but I left time between all major parts of the trip in case of emergency. As soon as I left the house in the morning I had to scurry right along to the bus depot. It was a few miles and I only had about 30 minutes. This was the most precarious part of the entire plan but there was no was around it because of the time window after mom leaving town and before dad getting through the hassle of the entire families morning activities.

It had to look like I was at school so I could not really take my bike without drawing attention to myself. I would have to make the trip to the bus station and back home again by foot. I started on my way and before long I was almost running. It wasn’t that I thought I would miss the bus. Actually, I just could not contain the excitement of what I was doing. It was a rush I had never felt before. I already had my tickets so when I got to the station all I had to do was find the right bus to line up beside.

It didn’t take anytime before we were all loaded up on the bus and on our way out of town. I worried about being asked too many questions about where I was going or why I was alone. I had made up a story about a sick family member I was on the way to see. I practiced it so I could pull it out at a moments notice should the need arise but nobody ever even asked me a thing out of the ordinary… It took a couple of hours for the bus trip. I sat right behind the driver the entire way. Once we arrived there was still the matter of getting to the gallery.

The gallery was much closer to the bus depot than my house was so it took only a matter of minutes before I had arrived. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I enjoyed every single piece that was there and I found it was very hard to leave within the scheduled 4 hour window that was allotted to attend the showing. I pulled myself away just in time to make it back to the bus depot before my bus left me behind. It seemed much quicker of a trip to get back to my own city. It turns out I planned the perfect crime because to this day, I’m not sure if my folks even know I pulled it off!

A decade later I now live in Las Vegas. I love the glitz of the main strip at night.The dancing fountains at the Bellagio Resort perform a beautiful display of water set to music is mesmerizing at night. You have a ringside view right from the side walk. It’s the best free attraction in Las Vegas! I frequently walk through the The Venetian Hotel with its arcade built to resemble the city of Venice, complete with blue skies, canals, and gondoliers. Like most folks who live in Las Vegas I have a water delivery service.
The hot dry climate of Las Vegas, Nevada requires everyone to be especially careful to stay hydrated and the key is bottled water. The company that was recommended to me when I moved in is call Tahoe Springs. Tahoe Springs offers both natural spring water and fresh drinking water. The source of their natural spring water is deep in the High Sierra Mountains. Rain and snow filter naturally through rock, creating nature’s own perfect water. They offer a variety of products for both purified drinking water and spring water ranging from water cooler stands to 5 gallon, 3 gallon and 0.5 liter bottles. If your in town give me a text and I’ll show you the sites.

BTW: My folks are still in the dark about my adventures from my earlier years!



It was the first time I had ever been to the city. I was there alone on a day that was meant to be for school. My parents would kill me if they ever found out that I was not in school let alone that I had travelled all the way to New York without their knowledge or permission. You might not think that kind of a trip for a 16 year old was very wise but in my defense, there was a new exhibit opening. You see, many of my favorite artists would be represented there and there was absolutely no way I would imagine missing it. I tried handling this in a much more conventional way. I tried every angle to make this trip an authorized venture but no matter what plan was offered there seem to be a reason it would not work… Once my mind was made little could change it.

It was over 100 miles away from our house and there would only be one day to attend. Normally this would be no problem. I asked my mom to take me. That was always the go to parent in our family if we wanted parent participation in any event. My dad was around but he was more of a “let the kids spread their wings” kind of guy if you know what I mean… It turned out that week was already planned out in advance for my mom. She had to attend a convention in California for work. It had been planned for months and there was no way out of it. I totally understood that but when I asked my dad to squeeze one day out to take me to the Gallery, he said he couldn’t. I begged my dad for 1 afternoon but as he made perfectly clear, he couldn’t leave my siblings to their own vices.

Just because my dad didn’t want to partake didn’t mean he would allow me to go alone. I tried to talk to my uncle Bill about it, but realized pretty quickly that he was not the right person to consult – he was completely obsessed with his new vice – slots online. He had found a site where he could get up to date info on which online casinos offered the latest best free rolls and promotional goodies for slots players and was all in. He even tried to get me to play, so no go, uncle Bill. I needed a different source of advice, or none at all.

I started planning immediately but I realized that if I wanted to make this trip happen it would be totally on me to make sure everything went off without a hitch for the entire trip there and back. If for any reason my parents found out there would be hell to pay. Luckily for me I had been saving my allowance for several years and there was a small fortune at my disposal. The bus tickets were cheap enough but my departure time for the trip to the city was awfully early. I had to pretend to go to school early that day but my dad was super busy with everyone else so it was not a hard sell to make it happen.


There are many types of art. Let’s start with the obvious. Many paintings exist in museums & galleries all across the work. There are sketches, drawings, abstracts & many more type of art hanging up on a wall. All of these works were created by a many varied artists. Let’s not forget however that there are a great many more types of art as well as artist. When we look at the civilization as it exists today we will see that artist penetrate almost every aspect of it. To begin, we find sculptures in museums & galleries along with the previous art we discussed. There are living statues & pieces of art which are also widely admired in the same circles but this is still just the tip of the iceberg. There are many types of artist who’s work is never displayed in this fashion.

Many artist have created a type of art best displayed & presented in totally different venues. When we look at society, we notice one of the overwhelming activities that many people take part in is watching videos both on the television as well as the big screen. When we discuss these arenas we have the obvious artist which can easily be identified such as the actor or actress, the producer or director & the author but what of the less immediately recognizable artists involved? When I think about the industry I would have to say that there was an artist who created the wardrobe for the film. I can give artistic credit to the people who applied the make up, especially now that big budget productions are so given to effects. What of the music that always plays in the background? The sound crew are all artists in their own right as a matter of fact. We have not even accounted for the digital effects which are always applied todays films & TV? This is a whole list of individuals who have honed their craft. They love what they do so much that they make their art the best that is can be.

We have still not entered into any of the other forms of art which we see in everyday life. Think about going outside. You can find art outside in the gardens. They are beautiful and styled to show to public every year. This is a great example of how the artful human touch can add to the already amazing beauty of nature. Humans have artistically impacted many things in our surroundings. In you town if you look around, do you see any tall buildings? I live in Las Vegas & we have a beautiful skyline. Artists are all responsible for the creation & construction of these buildings. What about culinary delights? Have you ever eaten at a nice restaurant & wondered how they got the food to do something so wonderful? I have but I know how they do it. There is an artist creating those delicious treats somewhere in the background.


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There are many types of artist. They come in all shapes & sizes. They are not all professional. Some of them use their art as a hobby. As a matter of fact some of the greatest artist of all time were little more than enthusiasts when they were alive. Many of these artists did not make a living off of the art they created. Vincent Van Gogh is a great example of this. He painted nearly 900 of the best pieces of art in existence & only ever sold 1 during his lifetime. The one he sold was to a friend. He produced these masterpieces over a period of 3 years & would eventually have a mental breakdown eventually leading to his suicide. He was a tortured genius & the world was better having him & worse for having lost him.

Many artist use the activity for their own personal improvement. To exercise their mental facilities & imagination. Many use it to escape from their own reality, if even for a short time. Many of them do it because they feel a sense of accomplishment that only a completed work of art can bring. Some of these people so it only form the money but these people are usually not the most passionate about the craft & often find themselves traveling another road. No matter what the reasoning is behind a person choosing to create art, one thing is for sure there are many benefits which come from the activity.

I decided to sketch & draw pictures at a young age. I began to do it because I found it interesting & a great way to pass my time but soon I won recognition from my family & friends. Soon I would complete one work only to begin another one because a I knew people would feed me complements when it was completed. I loved the attention & I enjoyed creating pictures that brought such joy into my friends life. They seemed to love them & I could barely get a picture done before I gave it away to this person or that. They seemed to like them & they all appreciated that the pictures were impressive. That was plenty for me to let go of the work.

To this day I create beautiful pictures for the ones I care about. I have always kept the skill sharp enough to be able to produce something when it was called for. Whenever I get the urge I still sit down to create something & I usually give it right away. I hope that the people who have my picture have always cherished them & when they look at them I hope they think of me.