Once I was out of the house at the beginning of my big day everything happened so quickly. I had everything planned out as precisely as possible but I left time between all major parts of the trip in case of emergency. As soon as I left the house in the morning I had to scurry right along to the bus depot. It was a few miles and I only had about 30 minutes. This was the most precarious part of the entire plan but there was no was around it because of the time window after mom leaving town and before dad getting through the hassle of the entire families morning activities.

It had to look like I was at school so I could not really take my bike without drawing attention to myself. I would have to make the trip to the bus station and back home again by foot. I started on my way and before long I was almost running. It wasn’t that I thought I would miss the bus. Actually, I just could not contain the excitement of what I was doing. It was a rush I had never felt before. I already had my tickets so when I got to the station all I had to do was find the right bus to line up beside.

It didn’t take anytime before we were all loaded up on the bus and on our way out of town. I worried about being asked too many questions about where I was going or why I was alone. I had made up a story about a sick family member I was on the way to see. I practiced it so I could pull it out at a moments notice should the need arise but nobody ever even asked me a thing out of the ordinary… It took a couple of hours for the bus trip. I sat right behind the driver the entire way. Once we arrived there was still the matter of getting to the gallery.

The gallery was much closer to the bus depot that my house was so it took only a matter of minutes before I had arrived. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I enjoyed every single piece that was there and I found it was very hard to leave within the scheduled 4 hour window that was allotted to attend the showing. I pulled myself away just in time to make it back to the bus depot before my bus left me behind. It seemed much quicker of a trip to get back to my own city. It turns out I planned the perfect crime because to this day, I’m not sure if my folks even know I pulled it off!