There are many types of art. Let’s start with the obvious. Many paintings exist in museums & galleries all across the work. There are sketches, drawings, abstracts & many more type of art hanging up on a wall. All of these works were created by a many varied artists. Let’s not forget however that there are a great many more types of art as well as artist. When we look at the civilization as it exists today we will see that artist penetrate almost every aspect of it. To begin, we find sculptures in museums & galleries along with the previous art we discussed. There are living statues & pieces of art which are also widely admired in the same circles but this is still just the tip of the iceberg. There are many types of artist who’s work is never displayed in this fashion.

Many artist have created a type of art best displayed & presented in totally different venues. When we look at society, we notice one of the overwhelming activities that many people take part in is watching videos both on the television as well as the big screen. When we discuss these arenas we have the obvious artist which can easily be identified such as the actor or actress, the producer or director & the author but what of the less immediately recognizable artists involved? When I think about the industry I would have to say that there was an artist who created the wardrobe for the film. I can give artistic credit to the people who applied the make up, especially now that big budget productions are so given to effects. What of the music that always plays in the background? The sound crew are all artists in their own right as a matter of fact. We have not even accounted for the digital effects which are always applied todays films & TV? This is a whole list of individuals who have honed their craft. They love what they do so much that they make their art the best that is can be.

We have still not entered into any of the other forms of art which we see in everyday life. Think about going outside. You can find art outside in the gardens. They are beautiful and styled to show to public every year. This is a great example of how the artful human touch can add to the already amazing beauty of nature. Humans have artistically impacted many things in our surroundings. In you town if you look around, do you see any tall buildings? I live in Las Vegas & we have a beautiful skyline. Artists are all responsible for the creation & construction of these buildings. What about culinary delights? Have you ever eaten at a nice restaurant & wondered how they got the food to do something so wonderful? I have but I know how they do it. There is an artist creating those delicious treats somewhere in the background.

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