There are many types of artist. They come in all shapes & sizes. They are not all professional. Some of them use their art as a hobby. As a matter of fact some of the greatest artist of all time were little more than enthusiasts when they were alive. Many of these artists did not make a living off of the art they created. Vincent Van Gogh is a great example of this. He painted nearly 900 of the best pieces of art in existence & only ever sold 1 during his lifetime. The one he sold was to a friend. He produced these masterpieces over a period of 3 years & would eventually have a mental breakdown eventually leading to his suicide. He was a tortured genius & the world was better having him & worse for having lost him.

Many artist use the activity for their own personal improvement. To exercise their mental facilities & imagination. Many use it to escape from their own reality, if even for a short time. Many of them do it because they feel a sense of accomplishment that only a completed work of art can bring. Some of these people so it only form the money but these people are usually not the most passionate about the craft & often find themselves traveling another road. No matter what the reasoning is behind a person choosing to create art, one thing is for sure there are many benefits which come from the activity.

I decided to sketch & draw pictures at a young age. I began to do it because I found it interesting & a great way to pass my time but soon I won recognition from my family & friends. Soon I would complete one work only to begin another one because a I knew people would feed me complements when it was completed. I loved the attention & I enjoyed creating pictures that brought such joy into my friends life. They seemed to love them & I could barely get a picture done before I gave it away to this person or that. They seemed to like them & they all appreciated that the pictures were impressive. That was plenty for me to let go of the work.

To this day I create beautiful pictures for the ones I care about. I have always kept the skill sharp enough to be able to produce something when it was called for. Whenever I get the urge I still sit down to create something & I usually give it right away. I hope that the people who have my picture have always cherished them & when they look at them I hope they think of me.

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