It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the line between musician & composer. In many cases in the past a musician might play their own interpretation of an individual piece. Thereby changing the composition. This was an acceptable modification but over time the written notation of the composer was treated more like an instruction manual on how to play the musical notes. It was accepted after some time that musicians should not deviate from the noted composition of music without artistic or practical reason which still happens regularly.

The term composer is usually used to describe a person who creates & composes the musical notes but again in the present day the term has been adapted to fit others as well. For instance in popular & folk music the song writer is often times referred to as the composer & the term has recently been adapted to include those people creating electro-acoustic music as well. Electro-acoustic composers create sonic material in various electronic media.

Through the years there have been more composers than I can even count but I would like to discuss a couple of the more notable composers through the ages. There are 3 in particular Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & of course Johann Sebastian Bach. They were very important in the field. These men are credited for some of the best music ever made & each one has a story all their own.

Many people consider Beethoven to be the inventor of romantic music. Before Beethoven’s arrival everything that could be said through musical expression had already been said by the next 2 artists. Not only did Beethoven change the face of music he is also considered one of the greatest classical composers as well. He is noted for several works including on which is arguably the most famous melody in music history the beginning if his 5th symphony. People who have no idea who he is hum this tune everyday. All of this was accomplished without the ability to hear for the last 25 or so years of life.

Next we discuss Mozart, possibly the most gifted musical genius in history. He perfected Classical music & wrote 41 symphonies, 27 piano concerti, a lot of chamber music, 23 operas, 18 sonatas for piano, 36 for violin, for cello, church sonatas, organ pieces, 18 masses including a requiem & much, much more. He was one of the greatest pianists to ever live & was equally skilled with a violin.

Finally we come to Johann Sebastian Bach. Undoubtedly, the greatest composer of music who has ever lived. This artist did not invent any new form of music, rather he perfected every form of music known to exist in his day. This is no small feat. He wrote universal masterpieces in every genre including the 6 finest concerti grossi ever written nicknamed the Brandenburg Concerti as well as writing the finest single work of sacred music in history. The mass in b minor, which has been argued by many musicologists & composers to be the single greatest work of music of all time in any genre, in any style.

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