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Although a lawyer by trade, Steve Smith is an avid music maven and knows more obscure bands than he does fellow attorneys. He works advocating for injured maritime workers toiling on Louisiana’s offshore rigs and commercial vessels, so he sees a lot of pain and misery. He doesn’t take a fee unless he wins a settlement and aggressively goes after the corporate interests that create dangerous working conditions and attempt to avoid accountability when their workers get injured. His firm prides itself in achieving record payments for medical expenses and his efforts have helped many injured recover with the treatment costs paid for. As an escape from the misery of injured maritime workers, he compiles lists of bands and is thoroughly engaged with this hobby, which enables him to share some of what he knows with us here.

Groups & Bands

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Featured Groups & Bands:

– 504 Boyz
– A*Teens
– Alastis
– All Saints
– America
– American Head Charge
– Androids, The
– Aquabats, The
– Aqualung
– Asia
– At the Drive-in
– Ataris, The
– Averse Sefira
– B*Witched
– Barenaked Ladies
– Bauhaus
– BBMak
– Beach Boys
– Bellamy Brothers
– The Ben Folds Five
– Big, Mr.
– Black Velvet
– Blue Velvet
– Blues Traveler
– Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
– Boss Hog
– Brooks and Dunn
– Burzum
– Children of Bodom
– Circle of Dust
– Clannad
– Cleo
– Cleopatra
– Clon
– Color Me Badd
– Country Dick Montana
– Crematory
– Cult, The
– Dan Reed Network
– Dead Kennedys
– Default

** Update **

There are new bands coming out all of the time. There are always new genres & blended genres of music. The music industry is always in a state of flux. There is always a new big band or musician & it is nearly impossible to manage to stay at the top of the industry for an extended period of time. There have been a few key figures who have done just that though. No matter what happened in pop culture they were able to transform themselves to continue being relevant. Look at Madonna’s career, it may have had it’s ups & downs but she had been able to stay current for decades. She is continuously transforming not only her look but her sound. She is able to continue supplying her fans with what they have come to expect. When it does happen it is a great thing. A good musician can influence so many people it is unrealistic. They have an unseen influence over society & only the very aware are even familiar with it.

Music can change the world. Every aspect of it. Let’s look at the people who grow up idolizing musicians. The ones who learned their first instrument because their favorite artist plays it. The ones who learned to sing because they were amazed at the first concert they ever went to & from that day forward only dreamed of one thing. The ones who played their first gig in high school & were terrible but continued to practice never the less. The same ones who eventually mastered their crafts & became rich & famous & were eventually able to influence the next generation.

There are people who are ordinary in every sense of the word except their musical talent. People who have no passion for anything else that are perfectly happy because they were able to create music for a living.

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