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Music makes the world go around. Everywhere you look music plays a significant role in our civilization. It has for as long as I can remember & I am sure it has for as long as you can remember too. I remember being a child sitting through musical movies. The kind that for no reason once so ever the entire cast would burst into song & dance to explain every scene to you. I enjoyed them when I was young but my mom loved them so they were always on & I grew tired of them quickly. Remember that is only one type of music in cinema. Movies were silent at one point. They were recorded & many were played back to music so it was one of the major factors in the success of cinema when it first started. Since then it has taken a bit of a back seat in some cases but in all major motion pictures there are a list of musical features that were in the film. There is a soundtrack for every movie that comes out & the business is actually very lucrative.

You see music is very crucial to every aspect of our lives. You may think that statement to be a bit far fetched but let’s think for a moment about some of the every day activities that would seem to drag on & on without the aid of music at least in the background. I have a crappy job lugging heavy furniture for one of the many Baltimore movers that hire guys like me. It’s a drag, but guess what makes the time go by? Many of us have to commute to work. Have you ever been on a long drive in a car with a busted radio? It really stinks. There is nothing worse that mile after mile of hearing nothing but the wind blowing. I have had to deal with this before & it can be mind numbing. That is just the beginning, many of us have to go grocery shopping at least once a week to secure the items we will need for basic survival. Take a moment & close your eyes. Now, picture yourself walking around the grocery store. Imagine you are right there in the frozen food section. Now, what song is on coming across the speakers? There is one. We all know it. When it comes to an hour in the grocery store every week we need something to help pass the time. The store knows this. Why do you think they play it? Now let’s discuss Las Vegas NV.. When you are playing a slot machine the casino wants to keep you as happy as they can. They want to keep you in your seat & music is just one of the ways they are able to do just that.

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