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– 50 Cent
– Allan, Gary
– Almond, Marc
– Amerie
– Appleton, Natalie
– Appleton, Nicole
– Arakaki, Hitoe
– Atfield, Talena
– Badu, Erykah
– Baker, Simon
– Banks, Lloyd
– Bash, Baby
– Bisbal, David
– Blige, Mary J.
– Blowtorch, Betty
– Bo Bice
– Boa
– Bocelli, Andrea
– Bogguss, Suzy
– Brickman, Jim
– Brooks, Garth
– Brown, James
– Buffett, Jimmy
– Busta Rhymes
– Carey, Mariah
– Carlisle, Belinda
– Carthy, Eliza
– Clarkson, Kelly
– Cockburn, Bruce
– Common
– Cooke, Sam
– Crawford, Billy
– Dana International
– Daniels, Charlie
– Day, Howie
– Dayne, Taylor
– Dwele
– Earle, Steve
– Ellis Bextor, Sophie
– Enya
– Evans, Faith

I have gone to see so many concerts at so many venues I can’t even remember them all. I enjoy all types of music. I cannot even come close to explaining how great it is to go see a band you have never heard of for the first time. You don’t know what to expect. They could sound great or terrible. There is no way of telling until you go. That is why it is so much fun. There is always a surprise involved. I have been the first one to tell my friends about many small band that just rolled through town. They are always eager to hear about my latest trip out. On more than one occasion I have had a friend who has come back months after I first mentioned a band to tell me what a game changer it was. I always thank them & explain that it is no problem. I also listen to my friends who have many times turned me onto their favorite bands. They are always bringing me the latest find because they know how interested I am. It has almost become a game of sorts. Each of us trying to out do the last.

It is great to be able to share one of your passions with so many people. There are people everywhere who love music. There are so many types of music that everyone can find something that they absolutely adore. It penetrates every aspect of our life & has helped to shape many of us through the years. We have all heard a song on the radio then been instantly transported through space & time to your youth. A time when that particular song made such an impression. We can all find times in our life when just the right song changed our outlook. It may have chased away the blues or helped you fall in love. Either way it was monumental in your existence.

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